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NATURAL DREAM LIVING 3000 Years of Pure and Precious Botanical Science


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Swiss Made

Swiss production and EU certification
Strict certification controls

Produzione Svizzera e certificazione EU
Severi controlli di certificazione

Only pure materials,
harvested in pristine environments

Solo materie pure,
raccolte in ambienti incontaminati

Traditional production
dedicated to excellence

Produzione tradizionale
dedicata all’eccellenza

Natural and artisanal methods of extraction and

Metodi di estrazione e
purificazione naturali e artigianali


Congratulations. I tried some of your Natural Dream Living products . I had severe extensive dermatitis. Really very effective. Very fast improvements. Lately I also discovered and used a cream and drops for my dog's ears and teeth. Very satisfied. Thank you Graziella. Raphael

I have been using Natural Dream Living products for 3 years and I feel great my body and health has improved greatly. Since I met Graziella my life has changed my life Quality Passion and expertise in her work But especially results. Thanks again for everything and for introducing me to this world. Lisa

I have several issues with my intestines and for many years I was bloating and had severe pain. For a little over a month now I have noticed with Natural Dream Living products and I no longer have this bloating in my lower abdomen, also slowly my intestines are releasing all the dirt. Since I have been using the Naso Oil I can breathe better, also it is amazing how much mucus after just a few drops comes out. I think I can confirm that Natural Dream Living products are good and I will continue to use them strictly. Zahira


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Take the self-assessment test to find out your psychophysical type according to traditional Ayurveda medicine.

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We offer personalized consultations according to the dictates of traditional holistic medicine Ayurveda.

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Shalini Ayurveda Center

Our center in Switzerland offers long-term
stays, personalized care
and daily treatments.

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