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Enjoy the virtues of Ayurveda

Absolute quality and purity

100% natural (including preservatives)

Only pure plant materials (leaves, roots, minerals), harvested in pristine environments

Only natural and semi-crafted extraction and purification methods (no chemical washes).

Our products do not contain

Synthetic chemicals (solvents, dyes, preservatives, flavors, silicones, latex, phthalates, petrolderivatives, salicates, etc.)

Products of animal origin or tested on animals



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The Vata-dominant child

Of light and thin build, they have brittle bones and thin, dry skin that tends to get cold easily, which is why they like warm weather.
They are restless and their minds are creative.
They often suffer from constipation.

The predominantly Vata child needs to strengthen his bones and muscles.
He also needs to keep his frontal sinuses clean and check for regular evacuation as they tend to suffer from constipation.

The predominantly Pitta child

Of moderate build, they have freckled skin, sensitive and irritable.
They are sharp of intellect, oriented to analysis and problem solving and are easily altered.
They have a lot of appetite and tend to inflammation and do not like heat very much.

The predominantly Pitta child must regulate digestion and body temperature, especially avoiding gastrointestinal inflammation.

The predominantly Kapha child

Strong build, has thick, oily, smooth and cold skin.
They have a good memory and are not easily upset.
They love to eat but have slow digestion.
They also love to sleep and tend to be overweight.
They are often congested with mucus, suffering from colds and coughs.

The predominantly Kapha child must clear mucus, keeping the nasal passages clear. It must also regulate digestion, while also stimulating physical activity.

Tailored counseling for the child

Through Shalini Ayurveda center we offer individualized consultations
in order to improve your child's nutrition and mental and physical state.
For more information please visit the Consultations page

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