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Courses for Adults

  • AHARA - The food we eat and drink

  • From the veda texts Asthanga Sangrah and Sushruta Samhita

  • Properties and wellness of foods and spices to be free from disease

  • Cooking class: quick, healthy and tasty preparations

  • Health from the Mother Earth. Guide to medicinal plants, how and when to use them

  • Ayurveda psychology , exploration of the human psyche according to the Ayurvedic perspective

  • Building and breaking emotional bonds according to Ayurveda philosophy

  • Sexual health

  • Natural beauty to be long-lived

  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol and vices according to the different Doshas, cause and effect

Courses for Children

  • Benefits of food for healthy growth, good mental and spiritual development

  • Routine personal hygiene to take care of oneself

  • Knowing oneself through the Ayurveda Doshas and to understand companions and others

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