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Ayurveda is often called a science of Life in that it touches on all aspects of the human being-physical and psychological. The diagnosis takes into account the different elements and forces acting on the person, considering the disease as a symptom of a deeper balance.
Acting on several levels attempts to bring the person back to his or her underlying balance, for which short-term treatment will be needed as well as a change in daily habits, starting with diet.

The set of disorders will be analyzed within a more general framework in order to first of all bring awareness to the person.
Thanks to the tools that will be provided, she will also learn to become more in tune with herself, manage her daily life and become the master of her own health.

Consultations are held for:


We can help parents better understand the psychophysical needs of their children, enhancing their growth and the development of their intellect.


Knowing one's physical, cognitive, and psychological characteristics will help you deal with the social relationships and difficulties we encounter on our path, without these compromising our mental and physical well-being.


The sportsman can first find out whether or not the discipline of his choice matches his predisposition, thus assessing the level of excellence to which he can aspire. It is important to assess the person's level of self-intoxication and metabolic functioning in order to identify all factors conducive to optimal functioning, beginning with a more appropriate diet.

Benefits of Counseling

  • Improved immune system

  • Proper digestion and metabolic function

  • Personalized detox regimen

  • Dietary regimen according to your personal psychophysical nature(prakriti)

  • Lifestyle advice for improved psychophysical balance

  • Herbal formulations to maintain a state of health and well-being

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